A prototype of a flexible grid electrode to treat widespread superficial tumors by means of Electrochemotherapy

Luca Giovanni Campana, Fabrizio Dughiero, Michele Forzan, Calo Riccardo Rossi, Elisabetta Sieni


Reasons for the study: Chest wall recurrence from cancer recurrence can be effectively treated by means of electrochemotherapy achieving promising short-term results, with some patients showing a complete response to treatment. Nevertheless, this peculiar type of tumor recurrence can involve a large area of the chest wall. In these cases, the treatment with standard small-sized needle electrodes can be insufficient and time-costing.

Experimental approach: In this paper we present the realization of a prototype of flexible grid electrode suitable to cover large skin surfaces and thus potentially suitable for the treatment of widespread chest wall recurrences from breast cancer. Moreover, we manufactured some devices to connect the electrode to a voltage pulse generator. Some tests on potato tissue have been used to evaluate the electroporation effect.

Major findings: The device has been primarily designed in order to treat chest wall recurrences from breast cancer. According to our preliminary tests, the new flexible support of the electrode allows the adaptability to the surface to be treated.

Principal conclusions: From a practical point of view, this kind of device may allow the reduction of the treatment time (i.e., 20 min according to the bioavailability of the drug) during electrochemotherapy. The prototype of the new flexible grid has been successfully tested in suitable phantoms in order to verify the electroporation effect. Preliminary tests on phantoms have shown an electroporation effect.

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